Fading Memories …

Published December 29, 2012 by Tasha

I think i have just come up with a great idea once i get back home.
I have so many pictures of both my exs & i know that i have gotten over my first ex but i was thinking of the whole letting go thing. And what if i did something physical, visual. I thought of printing off the pictures i have of both relationships & putting them in a big photo album, letting myself cry.
And then once i have put all my photos in there, to close it … Put it in a plastic box, or deep in my draws & turn away. That way physically closing a chapter of my life & starting a new one. Closing the book on my ex & letting the memories fade. Because all week i have been clinging to those memories & as much as i dont think i miss him, as much as i want to deny to myself that im not hurting badly, i am. Not during the day but i am during the night. When im alone with my headphones & my thoughts.

I think this will be good. He will be leaving to go back to base soon enough & i wont see him anymore … Probably never again. Do you know how strange that feels? To think, to know that i will probably never see my “best friend”, a guy i thought i knew/have known my whole life, again …?

Weird. Strange. Sad.  


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