Bringing In the New Year

Published December 31, 2012 by Tasha

I could say that it is one of the best years of my life … But when i look back? No. Not entirely.

2012 has brought me many things, it has certainly brought me happy moments. Schooling wise, it has been amazing. I graduated high school, meeting friends that i will never forget. I earned myself a high OP, the exact one i need to get into Uni. It opened my eyes to the Military life-style. It showed me how strongly i can feel for someone and what I’ll do for the people i love. 2012 helped my in many ways, but it also showed me what heart break is like. It showed me how my emotions can sky rocket & plunge back down in a matter of seconds. It showed me what it was like to fear for the future. How it felt to have my heart hurt every day because there was no way I could be with the one i loved. I think i cried more in this year than i ever have in my life.
At the end of 2012, my world stopped spinning. I lost my best friend, i lost my boyfriend and the future i thought we had together. I lost a lot of things i had wanted. But in the days, the week the followed my break up I started to see things a little clearer … A sort of relief is washing over me. I still don’t know entirely what i’m feeling, or what i should be doing with those emotions. But i do know that i don’t always feel sad now. I just feel numb. I have nothing more to give him & i know that i am healing.

I wish 2012 could of given me better luck, but i’m hoping that is what God is saving for me in 2013. 


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