Heads Up :)

Published February 6, 2013 by Tasha

Heyy … I have seen that I am getting quite a few followers.
As much as I post things about my break up, my life, it is also all about you … Some of my experiences wouldn’t be that far off from yours.

Please, if you want someone to talk to, or someone to help you out, I am here for you. I promise.

I am only a message away.

Message me at waitingforhim@gmail.com

We all need someone to lean on at times, someone that wont judge, that doesn’t know our history, that will simply give you the time to sit down and listen to you.

If you need anything … I am right here. I know what love is like, what a long distance and a military relationship is like, and as you can read, I know what heartache is and the complications of a messy break up are ….

Just chuck me a message. I’ll be here 🙂

Have a good day beautifuls 

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