Busy, My new Life Raft

Published February 20, 2013 by Tasha

Never underestimate the power of business. Trust me. It can do amazing things.

For the past couple of days I have been busy attending “getting started” lecture type things at Uni, today was market day. And not once have i felt my heart hurt. There have been only moments in the day where my ex has popped to the front of my mind, usually when I see a person from the high school my ex and I attended together. Sure, the rest of the time he was still there, in the back of my mind. But I met new people, laughed, danced and signed up to different things without worrying about if I have to save room for him. Whether I have to check with him to see if there is an important function I have to attend, or if I have to save that weekend to fly down to him.
I mean, yeah sure, I wish that we were still together and I know I could still do all these things while being with him. But when I met guys, I was able to flirt. I didn’t have to keep myself in check.

Yesterday my ex and I got into a argument and I almost walked away. I felt strong enough and happy enough to walk away from him. But damn, I still have that flicker of hope which didn’t allow me. The good thing about being busy is that I am content to see where my ex and I end up, but I am also happy enough to meet new guys. Not date them, just be friends with them.

Like tonight, I am going to a party. I don’t have to be thinking “oh shit is my boyfriend going to call?” or having to text him because its the only time in the day we are able to talk. If he text tonight I don’t have to reply back, not straight away. I can reply back later on or the next morning. Seriously … Being busy has been my life saver!

Don’t get my wrong. I still miss him. I still love him. I still want him and no body else. But it feels like I can be happy, I can smile and party without faking it all. My heart doesn’t hurt quite so much anymore. And I am so so so glad.

So don’t underestimate being busy. You will still think about him from time to time but it will help you get stronger. It will let you believe you can move on with your life without him. It will give you a new sense of freedom you didn’t even know you missed. If you have had a long term relationship you will start to realise that you can start building a life of your own, your own future with your own dreams. You don’t have to think about your partner, or what they want, if you still have time for them if you do this and that. Seriously … Do not be afraid to be busy. It will be the best thing for you.

It will become your life raft


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