A New Beginning

Published March 20, 2013 by Tasha

Tomorrow is my new beginning … So to speak.
I have tried to do this so many times, but I feel that I am stronger enough to do it this time. For good.
My room is half clean and I am making headway with my “jobs” list that is way too long.

I only have half a day to complete most things before I have to go into Uni for two classes, but at least it’s a start. To kick start my day I have my gym clothes laid out and I have a pump (weight) class lined up. It is a class that tones me up super fast and I use to love doing it because it took my mind off my (ex) Airman. For that 45 minutes or an hour I was just able to focus on ME.
Afterwards I have riding and then it’s back home to finish off my list.

I’m setting up a routine so I eat healthily, exercise and at the same time get everything done. I know half the reason why I feel so shitty most days is because I am not eating properly. Since the break up, even though I have tried a few times to get myself back on track, I have stopped my usual routine.
From tomorrow on wards that is going to change. And the reason I am writing about this is so I have extra motivation. I have now published my goals on the internet and if I come back in a few days time telling you all how crap life is, how I can’t reach my goals and just being a total whinge pot, I would look as if I’ve let myself down. And that’s the last thing I am willing to do right now. A lot of people in my life have let me down, I can’t be one of them.

Of course I am going to have my crap days (and yeah .. You’re all going to have to sit through more depressive posts … Ma Bad!) but at least half of the things I put up will be positive to out way my bad days. Because if I look back on my posts now … They aren’t all the positive. They are helpful, and give you a insight on how I am feeling … But really … They are just all these bad emotions,that yeah I needed to get out, but aren’t very helpful or useful to me anymore.

I need to get back into shape, both my mind and my body. And really, its about time I actually did something about it.



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