In Love with Goals

Published March 26, 2013 by Tasha

I am fairly sure I am in love with life.

I am also fairly sure that my ex is hooking up with girls left right and center … That was my “icky” moment today. A part of me thought that he would just work on himself this year, get his head straightened out and then we’d discuss it further at the end of this year. I guess that was a bit unrealistic of me, wasn’t it?
He has every right to go date another girl (even though he reassured me that he wouldn’t be dating this year, nor would he get into a relationship until we had another go at it) or hook up with them. I know he is a flirt, a very good one at that. To almost every girl, he is irresistible  And he never really does anything about it … I guess under the influence of friends and the freedom of being single, he decided otherwise.
My heart didn’t like admitting that he is perfectly fine without me, not giving me a second thought.
Note to self: Block him from facebook. 

But .. Back to my other statement. Life is actually pretty okay right now. Yesterday I spent majority of the day laughing so much my stomach hurt with a new friend. I finished it off with an amazing jumping lesson and gym. Today I took my horse for a long trail ride and then got my haircut, which I know a pretty basic things. But hello, who doesn’t feel great after a haircut they are happy with?!
And tonight my mum is dragging me to a cooking class … It’ll be interesting to see if I don’t burn down the building.

I also organised a day trip to Bribie with three of my close friends, which will be coming up soon. One of them is taking a photography course so wants to do mini photo shoots that day. It will be full of fun, laughter, awesome yummy food (we’re making heaps of picnic food the day before), the beach and girl time. I have been itching for a day like this ever since my ex and I broke up.
Considering he comes home Thursday, I need to keep myself busy so I don’t have time to even think he’s in eye and ear shot.

And finally, I have myself a new goal. It probably won’t come into play until middle of next year, or whenever the selections are. But I want to get selected for the National Young Riders Showjumping Squad. I know my horse has the talent to do it, we both just need a little extra training. So I have paid for 3/4 weeks of show jumping and dressage training for him. If all goes well, his new educator will become my new coach. I really want to see where this trainer can take us, its time for us to step up our game.

Seriously, I feel so excited.
I have finally reached the point where I can plan a few weeks ahead. I can look a few months ahead now, rather than not knowing what on earth I’m going to do on a day-to-day basis.
I know the amount of training my horse, coach and I will have to do to be considered for the squad, which will distract me a lot. It will also help me get that kick-ass summer body I want.

This feeling is strange as it is exciting … I think I might be happy again …?!?


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