Yoyo Boy!

Published April 24, 2013 by Tasha

I swear he wants me to hate him. Really.

We talked tonight. It was fine for awhile until we got into a semi sort of deep conversation. He always, always, always turns our conversations into deep and meaningful’s. Sometimes its fine, especially when we were together it was great, but now that we aren’t, its just down right annoying. I try to keep things light hearted and turn things into a joke, but he keeps on persisted. It’s like he’s trying to prove something to me.
Telling me how he’s awesome, and hitting the town in his uniform tomorrow for ANZAC day. Implying that he’s hitting up all these girls. Treating me like a baby and pretending he’s an all big adult now and has more life experience than me. He goes on and on. Telling me that I can’t look after myself and that I just rely on my parents and another people.  Pretty much just looking down his nose at me.
I had a feeling that he’d changed, but I put it down to him putting his walls back up. No, not only has he put his walls up he’s changed. Not in a good way. He’s turned into something that he swore he wouldn’t be and that he’s so much better than. He is so much more than a egotistical prick. I know him, but this guy … The one he’s turned into ….? No and I don’t think i even want to get to know this new side to him.

He wants to talk about life experience? I’ve gone through and dealt with things most people don’t have to even see in their entire lives.
He wants to boast about the girls he’s having fun with? Honestly, it doesn’t effect me. Not now. Not anymore. I feel sad for him and sorry for any girl that forms an emotional attachment like I did. Because she will end up just as hurt as I was.
Sigh. Look, I’m not getting in a “my horse is bigger than your horse” argument, but I am sick of him talking down to me. That is one thing I CANNOT stand. No matter what you have been through, no matter how much older you are than me, DO NOT belittle the things i have been through.
He never use to do this, only just now.
But its a good thing. It makes me notice just how much hes changed and how much I don’t ever want to be with him again. Ever. I sweat he wants me to fight with him, its like he’s throwing these lines at me to see if i’ll bite and we’ll attack each other.
That time is over and while I understand, i do not want any part of the person he has turned into.

The only reason we keep in contact is so we are on friendly terms, just in case he decides to surprise me again. And honestly, he keeps coming back into my life and I’m tired of pushing him out every time. And we did have a really good friendship. If we can get that back or not, i don’t know. Especially if he keeps acting like this.

And after he has talked down to me and been a dick he then expects me to be supportive of him while he carries on about the military screwing him around. He then wants me to be happy and flirty and friendly. What is he? Delusional?

Dear lord, this guy is more back and forth then a freaking yoyo!!

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