Twist of Fate

Published May 25, 2013 by Tasha

I’m pretty sure my head is still spinning.
This is a twist that I didn’t really see happening.

My ex and I are fixing things. As in really trying to fix things.

I know. I sounds COMPLETELY insane. After everything he’s put me through, after everything we’ve been through, we’re still willing to fix things. He’s actually getting help. He’s really serious about this. Me, on the other hand, is really scared and hesitant. This could blow up in our faces, badly, and destroy both of us in the process.

There is still a lot of damage control to do, and a lot of mending and healing from the both of us …. But at least he’s getting help, at least he’s trying and is serious about it all.

I honestly don’t have much to say … Its still so new. So far we have talked every night and we talked all day/night today.

There’s a big part of me that is locked away, but we will be able to get there. I hope. Maybe?

Can two people, who have gone through what we have, come back together?
I don’t know.
I guess only time will tell. But the first step has been made …. We are both willing to rebuild our friendship & rebuild it enough to take it a step further.

I’m sorry i haven’t made much sense … My head is still reeling and IM still trying to make sense of all this. But i needed to write it all down … It feels so surreal.

I know this much …. I have my best friend back!


2 comments on “Twist of Fate

    • Haha yeh neither did I! … OHHHH don’t worry. That part of me is very much locked away! He will have to work extremely hard and prove himself over and over before I surrender my heart again. Plus we’re still in the beginning stages of a friendship/relationship thingy …. it could still blow up in our faces.

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