Checking In

Published July 1, 2013 by Tasha

Nothing new is happening here, but I thought I’d check in.

My ex and I haven’t spoken in the last 5 days and for the first time in a while, I’m okay with it. I know I have done everything, I have said everything and tired everything out. If he wants me, wants us, he’ll make his move. If not we’ll end up being strangers. I have been avoiding facebook though, seeing him online and not wanting to speak to me drives me insane. He knows that I check my messages, but still hasn’t bothered to talk to me. Apparently he’s “busy”. And while I understand that, it’s never stopped him before. But …. For the first time, I’m okay with it. He can go his way and I’ll go mine and if in the end we come together, it’ll be something beautiful.

For the past two weeks I have been talking to two American soldiers and a guy from Sydney. One of the soldiers is deployed right now but he has family here in Australia so he wants to meet up when he comes over here at the end of the year. He seems like a nice guy and so does the guy from Sydney.
He seems like my type of guy … and he makes me smile, but every time i think about meeting up with him my mind still wanders to my ex, wondering what would happen if I got involved with someone else.
Maybe that means I shouldn’t be dragging anyone into my mess of a life just yet.

The weather is pretty shitty here at the moment. Its been raining all week and you can’t do anything unless you want to die from hypothermia …. So I’m holed up in my room, watching movies, eating crappy food and waiting the weather out. Although, this afternoon I’m going off to the gym. I have 5 months to have the summer body I have been wanting all year … Time to get my lazy ass into gear.

That’s all I have for now …. See? Nothing interesting or exciting. Just checking in.


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