Change Up

Published July 24, 2013 by Tasha

This morning is a cold one. I don’t mean the type of cold where you shiver and throw on a jumper. No I mean the type of cold where it’s nearly impossible to get out of bed, where no matter what you do, or how long you soak in the shower you’re still cold. That skin biting, teeth chattering, icey floors feeling cold. So typically I stay in bed, when really I should be sitting in a lecture.

And instead of sitting in one of my psychology lecture’s I have been going through my blog. And all blogs are meant to have a theme right? Well we can all guess what mine is, the heartbreak and emotions throughout my break up. But as the heartbreak comes to a close and as the drama dies down, I find that I’ve become rather boring. During my pain I used to write well, but now that I have healed and I am in a better head space, my posts are dull and uninteresting.

So I’m changing it up a little. I’m still here to offer support and there will still be updates about my love life (or lack of one), whether or not my ex and I are going to make a go of “this” or not and life in general. But I’m adding in a healthy segment. Completely with workouts, recipes and my latest fitness disaster. Plus i need a motivation, so I thought if I tell you guys and then wind up sitting here, stuffing chocolate and chips into my mouth a few months later, someone on here will give me a boot up the ass.

I’m always in need of a kick up the ass!
Until next time, keep your head up and your heart close.


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