Added Extras & the Attempt to Look Organised

Published August 2, 2013 by Tasha

I’m finally getting my life organised.
I’m finally planning out my week in the diary I brought a few months back.
And when I say I’m getting my life organised I mean, my room looks like a tornado hit it and my bed it currently covered with my Uni timetable, my diary, 10 different coloured highlighters, pens, my laptop and different pieces of paper. This will then be chucked on my desk when I go to bed soon. My desk also looks like a volcano of clothes, cups, books and pens has erupted on it.
This will get cleaned up. I’m determined. I hope. Maybe.

Anyway … The reason I am writing to all of you tonight (or today for some of you) is because of the hit that smoothie recipe was. I had likes and followers and messages pouring in like the world was about to end. So i thought, “why don’t I make it a regular thing?”. Instead of it just being on Wednesdays, it’ll be whenever I find something cool, healthy and yummy that i’ve found on the Internet and made.
I have some fantastic recipes to follow, which I will put up either tomorrow or the next day.
I’m also going to be posting some of my exercises (maybe) and some tips and hints for toning and getting that kick ass body you’ve always wanted.

As some of you may have noticed, i have found out how to use the ‘categories’. Those are going to be where those awesome recipes will be posted, you to be that extra organised (as you all know I am!).

So I’ll leave you with this quote I find pretty inspiring, “Getting fit is all about passion, confidence, loving your body. It’s all about you.”



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