Spring. Is. Here

Published September 4, 2013 by Tasha

First post of Spring!

Today I had set aside to organize my life (yet again) … But I missed my alarm, fell down a couple of stairs and did my ankle in, realised that no one in my family has gone shopping (including me) so there is NOTHING to eat and noticed that my bank account has been frozen (still). Awesome start to the morning.
Hopefully after the icepack has melted and I have strapped my ankle it will be okay and I will be able to drive to my bank and figure out why my account hasn’t been unfrozen yet.

I have about a million assignments to do, thankfully they aren’t due for another couple of weeks but … The weather is too nice to be stuck inside writing up stupid Psych papers. Excuses Excuses I know but I’ve had a crappy week so far .. Im entitled to them.

I’m sorry for the lack of recipe updates, I have been so poor and busy lately that I just haven’t been able to get to the shops let alone cook something and have time to eat it like a civilised human being. But they will be coming, I have Uni holidays coming up at the end of this month and its when I plan to start a whole new routine. Make a few more changes to my life.

Talking about changes, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and changed this year. From the start of this year to now .. I never thought i’d make it this far. But I have and I’ve had the strength to let go, change and grow. It amazes me what you can do when you set your heart and mind to something.

And as for my last post?
That was …. I think I was totally stressed and tired from Uni. When he told me I was in a class and it was just the icing on top of a very unstable cake. But when I woke up the next morning my head and heart was clear. I was surprised at how quickly I “got over it”. But as another blogger explained to me, he took me back to a place of hurt. It wasn’t that I was falling back into that big black hole more that he reminded me of someone I used to be and the hurt I felt.
A few days after he brought it up again and tried to understand WHY he did it. He cannot figure out why he slept with her and kept reassuring me that it wasn’t anything to do with me personally. It wasn’t because she was prettier, or smarter or better then me in any way, shape or form. His explanation and this other blogger’s amazing comments helped me to understand what was going on.
I also explained to him that yes it did hurt and it did upset me at first but that it’s something I, we, can move past. I know there’s no point in tearing him apart over it or causing more damage to our already shaky friendship.

And on that note …. Spring is finally here. Flowers, sunshine and warmth. It means that summer is just that much closer as is christmas, beach, parties and holidays. And before we know it, it will be a new year with new possibilities and new loves.
Some may not be ready, but bring on December …. Christmas. Summer. Beach and a whole new year.


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