Turning Around

Published November 9, 2013 by Tasha

After a rough few weeks … Things are slowly turning around.
He has finally got his orders cleared up, and even though it wasn’t where he initially wanted to be posted to he is making the most of it. I can see that he’s excited too. In just a few short weeks I’ll be seeing him again, which was a surprise, since I didn’t think I’d be seeing him until Christmas time. I did a little bit of a happy dance when I found out.
And now he’s back to his usual self, which is a relief. I was getting a little edgy for a bit there.

As for me, I’ve just finished my first exam out of two. And right now I’m meant to be cleaning my bedroom, but instead I’m lying on my bed, listening to my music and chilling in front of my fan. Only a little under a week before holidays. I can’t wait … Even though I will be working my butt off these Summer holidays to save up, I’ll still get my down time. And it will allow me to get ready to face 2014, a year that I pray and hope is kind to me. After this disaster of a year, I really would like to be given a bit of a break!

But I do get to go camping with Him in the Summer, and I get a good dose of the beautiful beaches, sunshine and surfing. And on the note of sunshine …. I’m so white! I need to get a bit of colour in me before someone mistakes me for a Vampire!
I’m hoping this coming Summer will be wonderful, unlike the last.
Last Summer I was a heart broken, withdrawn mess who had no idea how awful the year was going to get. But it has taught me a lot, I have grown up and matured a lot. It has been a heart of hurt but also a year of learning … Just bring on the Summer of 2013.

I’m so ready for this year to turn around!

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