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Bored. Tired. And missing my “normal” Boyfriend

Published August 7, 2014 by Tasha

I’m sitting in my Cognitive and Language class, bored out of my brain. 
I can’t understand the lecturer, she’s soft spoken with a very thick accent. As I look around at my classmates, I realise their attention is else where. Anywhere but with the teacher. Which is ironic, since the lecture is about “Attention”. 

I just want to walk out, but my tiny bit of discipline is holding me here. I know I need to learn this and I need to know it for the mid-sem exam coming up, but when your class seems dead and your brain likes to wander to anywhere but where it should be … Discipline almost goes out the window. 

The Boy is getting there. He is still (what I like to call it) PMSing. He still takes his time replying and there is a day here and there that we don’t talk. 
I know he’s tired and emotionally drained from this training operation, so I’m not going to cause a silly argument. When the time is right, when his work settles down and we see each other again, I’ll ask him what’s going on. But until then, I just need to focus on my own life. 

Talking about seeing him, he did come to Darwin last weekend. And we spent majority of the weekend together. 
Typically, he wasn’t coming just to see me, he was there to help fix his mates car. But we went to dinner together with his mates and one of them brought their girlfriend. Movies and then back to mine. 
Saturday, the next day, was just me and the other girlfriend hanging out while they all crowded around this little yellow sports car, and pulled it apart. 
By the end of it, at midnight, they were tired, hungry and covered in black, sticky oil. Two of the six that were helping, where drunk, the others just wanting to sleep. So I took him home again. 
Sunday, was breakfast and then meeting up with the rest of the group and walking around the shops. Everyone had things to do. But eventually it was time for them to make the 3 hour journey back to base. He dropped me off at the dorms, said goodbye and we parted ways. 
There were whispers about them coming up next weekend (this one coming) but nothing (as per usual) has been confirmed. Knowing how crazy their work is right now and how tired they all must be, I highly doubt we’ll be seeing each other. The training OP will eventually pass (but who knows when) and then we might be able to get back into some sort of routine. 

I hope. 

Sometimes being a Air Force Girlfriend sucks.